Corruption: Are People’s Inherent Nature That Detestable?

Giving a bribe into a pocket – closeup shot

Corruption has been a significant issue in numerous part of the world. Truth be told, it is one of the issues pulling down the entire world. Corruption has existed since days of yore.

Government officials, institutions, and top personalities have been blamed for Corruption in one way or the other. Nonetheless, a great number of people have overlooked that, ordinary people or residents ought to similarly be accused for this rot.

Residents or people have massively added to this degradation as they end up in different degenerate arrangements yet, reprimand just politicians for this terrible conduct. Everybody has one way or the other been engaged with corruption before but since the majority induce politicians run the affairs of the country we for all intents and purposes censure them for each seemingly insignificant detail.

Right now, the world is grieving as the lethal sickness, coronavirus has ended a few lives and still noticeable all around the world. In its wake, some traders of many countries especially on the African continent have directly increased the costs of practically all products by 100%.

This isn’t by any estimate put aside by any Global Pricing specialists but by their own insidious outlook. Products have been hoarded and prices have been inflated for no apparent explanation. Exactly when everybody needs somebody, this is the time indecent individuals are exploiting the situation.

Perhaps the title of a Book I read some few months back, is telling us about something:

“If you think you know about humanity, you don’t know humanity”.

In fact, some experiments have been made in the past which demonstrates that the intrinsic idea of individuals is morally corrupt. If people act in honorable manner, it is for the most part due to:

The fear of social condemnation

The fear of legal punishment

At the point when these two kinds of fears are missing, people can do even the most abhorable things in life like being corruptible.

At the point when society doesn’t censure the corrupt person, but esteem an individual dependent on what one has achieved in life instead of a law abiding person. People tend to focus their effort to achieve power and wealth to gain the respect of the society and thus become corrupt.

Once these corrupt people achieve sufficient wealth and power, they can manage the justice delivery system and escape even legal punishment. Period!!

Corruption can be checked only if severe punishment and social condemnation can be strictly enforced in a society.

In the event that these feelings of dread are missing, individuals would show their actual nature and become corrupt and shrewd replacing honesty and goodness from the society.

For the people who don’t acknowledge the fact that the experiment and research carried out by scientists and psychologists that the inalienable nature of a man is malevolent, you have the opportunity to do your own research.

In my part two (2) of my next write-up, we would all be able to discuss and get to a beautiful conclusion.

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