Countries That Have Halted Traveling To The U.K.

The United Kingdom

Even in this festive season, Covid is still with us, and numerous countries are dealing with the pandemic disregarding Christmas. At first during this festive period, people will travel around-from one country to the next, having a great time what not. But, the circumstance is now different in 2020’s Christmas.

Now, countries like Morocco, Russia and India, and so forth have all suspended all forms of traveling between them and the United Kingdom. The latter’s new variation of COVID-19 could be up to 70% more contagious–according to the country’s Prime Minister. It’s unfortunate that more contagious variation of the Covid has been recognized in the UK. Therefore, several countries are cutting off movement with the United Kingdom.

Apart from the previously mentioned countries, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, France, Greece, Spain and others have all stopped or confined travel between their nations and the U.K.

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Trips among India and the United Kingdom will be suspended until the year’s end, and any traveler showing up in India before December 22 will be needed to take a compulsory COVID-19 test.

Meanwhile, Russia has from today December 22, 2020, prevented trips to and from the U.K. for seven days.

English Prime Minister Boris Johnson led a crisis meeting with clergymen on Monday December 20 to talk about the COVID-19 variation and overall travel limitations forced only days before Christmas.

He has backtracked on loosening up social distancing rules for these special seasons, rather forcing a Tier 4 lockdown in London and southeastern England and fixing limitations for the rest of England.

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