COVID-19: A Health Expert Predicts More Infection Cases In Ghana

Dr Nsiah-Asare

On the April 19, 2020, Ghana lifted its fractional lockdown measures making movement of individuals very flexible. Numerous individuals were glad while others had various conclusions on the expulsion of the limitations.

One such individual is the Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare. As indicated by him, around 15,000 individuals may kick the bucket from the fatal coronavirus dependent on a model created for the irresistible illness in Ghana.

The medical doctor says 10% of the Ghanaian populace (3,000,000) may most likely test positive for the infection before the country’s case depend on coronavirus gets to the pinnacle of the disease.

A great deal of the cases are probably going to be asymptomatic. He anticipates that 80% may not give symptoms or side effects at all and 5% of them will be extremely sick. Larger part of the individuals will be basic, with 10% being lethal.

Dr Nsiah-Asare further expressed that, another model of projections may not carefully apply to Ghana because of the elements of cases recorded in the nation.

Ghana has so far recorded 1,042 coronavirus cases with 99 people recouped and 9 passings.

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