COVID-19: Black Doctor Accused Colleague White Doctor Of Racism Before Her Death

Dr Susan Moore

One would have believed that, as a doctor you’re guaranteed of being treated as fast as possible when ill, particularly in this Coronavirus period.

Shockingly, that didn’t happen to Dr Susan Moore, who in the long run passed on. The Black doctor died of Covid-19 weeks after she portrayed a White doctor disregarding her pain and worries about her treatment as she lay in an Indiana emergency clinic in America.

Dr. Susan Moore died on Sunday December 20, because of entanglements from Covid-19. She died around fourteen days after she shared a video in which she accused a doctor at Indiana University Health North Hospital (IU North) of disregarding her objections of pains and demands for prescription because she was Black, despite the fact that she was both a patient and a doctor herself.

In the video from her hospital bed, she bitterly complained and described her involvement with IU North. Moore said her primary care physician got over her symptoms, saying to Dr Moore,

“You’re not even short of breath.”

But Dr Moore replied her by saying:

“Yes, I am,”

Sh further expressed her displeasure saying–

“I don’t trust this hospital,” as an oxygen tube hooked up to her nose. “That is not how you treat patients.”

She had to beg to be given remdesivir, – an antiviral medication used to treat patients who are hospitalized for Covid-19 and are not needing mechanical ventilation. She in the end passed on.

Dr Susan Moore is said to be a phenomenal doctor, who loved practicing medicine, she loved being a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.. Additionally, she loved helping people, and she was unapologetic about it.

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