COVID-19: Ghana Needs So Much For A Lockdown


There are a number of individuals and institutions who are calling on the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo to lockdown the country as the quantity of infected individuals of the coronavirus pandemic has ascended to 136.

A few countries have lockdown indefinitely until the world discover a solution for the issue. However, Locking down doesn’t come ordinary as it accompanies resources including finance to deal with the citizens.

In Ghana, two significant research establishments, Policy Think Tank and Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) have taken the agony to assess the amount of cash required by Ghana to proceed with the lockdown.

As indicated by them, Ghana will require GHC15 billion for the 28-day lockdown arranged. The sum should be utilized to remunerate businesses and this will likewise be both basic fiscal and monetary measures. Think Tank say:

“The exponential growth of the number of cases is already causing a progressive lockdown. With this development, businesses would close and physical activities would seize. Because of inexplicable barriers that the coronavirus crisis brings, people may be prevented from doing useful things for income and wealth creation.”

Additionally, with an absolute lockdown, certain products and ventures that individuals would some way or another purchase and appreciate will be off breaking point.

Ghana’s New Rent Assistance Scheme Versus Housing Agents

It doesn’t mean, however, that one would have quit eating. Rather, you make available enough food at home. Because of this, Ghanaians may now spend more cash on different things. Changing from utilization to saving may be inconceivable right now. This will urge people to spend as opposed to save.

During this lockdown, basic territories to consider include; businesses, jobs, internet connection, transport, fuel, tax compliance, raw materials, manufacturing, rent, health care, agriculture, security, utilities and occupational licenses.

As per the two organizations (Policy Think Tank and Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI)), there are people who don’t have a spot to rest much more getting locked inside during this period.

Ghana has an accommodation deficiency of over 1.5 million. In this manner, the government must propel plans to protect about a large number of Ghanaians in hotels, motels, and guest houses among others.

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