COVID-19: Ghanaian Companies At Risk

Ghana’s COVID-19 case count according to updates provided by the Ghana Health Service (GHS), on Sunday, July 12, 2020 jumps to 24,518. This was after 270 new cases were recorded.

9,823 of the absolute count is from general observation and 14,695 from upgraded contact tracing. The number of recuperations has ascended to 20,187 with 4,192 dynamic cases.

The contamination cases continue ascending in spite of all measures to prevent it from spreading, as certain organizations have had to close down because of a couple of revealed cases.

Meanwhile, the Employment and Labor Relations service of Ghana, has praised some enormous organizations in the capital Accra for their severe adherence to COVID-19 cleanliness and security protocols to help contain the spread of the infection.

They included the placement of hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrances and at vantage points for staff and guests of their companies, social distancing and wearing of masks.

The organizations (Appointed Time Printing Limited, Dignity DTRT Limited and Sixteen 47 Ghana Limited, both clothing producing organizations, and Pharmanova Pharmaceutical Company), have not revealed any COVID-19 case.

The administration of these organizations have really ensured that the wellbeing conventions on COVID-19 were being seen to guarantee that their workers’ security is central to the organization’s prosperity.

The health protocols were set up so that, should there be a shocking event of someone having a contamination, that individual would not re-taint others.

Therefore, all companies have been encouraged to also position their hand washing facilities properly and endeavour to fix better systems like automatic hand sanitisers to prevent the touching of the objects after washing of hands.

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