COVID-19: Global Cases Hit 5.5 Million

The quantity of worldwide coronavirus cases has reached 5.5 million according to a count by US-based Johns Hopkins University. The data indicated overall deaths also getting to 346,300, while the number of individuals who have recovered remains at 2.23 million.

The US is the most exceedingly awful hit country by the pandemic with over 1.66 million affirmed cases and more than 98,200 fatalities.

Brazil, which has the biggest number of COVID-19 cases and passings in Latin America, is the second country with the most elevated number of cases with 374,898, followed closely by Russia with 353,427 and UK with 262,547.

China, has also enlisted in excess of 84,000 cases and 79,300 recuperations, with the loss of life remaining at 4,638.

Generally, the infection has spread to one-hundred and eighty eight (188) countries since it initially appeared in China in December 2019.

Regardless of the rising number of cases, most who contract the infection endure mellow indications before making a recuperation.

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