COVID-19 Has Slapped The Face Of Sole Business Owners In South Africa

Coronavirus has no uncertainty affected each person, organizations and even prospective workers of organizations around the globe. The pandemic have no regard for any one who is in any event, getting by out of something, as it has broken numerous occupations with South African not left out.

Independently employed people in South Africa have for quite a while experienced “hell” as their means for procuring a living vanished for the time being.

Sole business owners specifically, have been hit hard by the pandemic. It appears to be getting harder and harder as the days pass by.

In fact, Cash streams are presently zero during this period of lockdown. Until something changes, sole business owners will be vigorously affected since that is their solitary wellspring of income.

Permanent agreements have been required to be postponed and essentially, the repercussions are all on the heads of these sole owners. Rents, exceptional credits with interests and numerous others can’t be satisfied as at now.

Strangely, some credits organizations are as yet ‘chasing’ defaulters and even non-defaulters for their monies through mobile phone calls.

Besides boredom, this is what coronavirus has brought to the table of sole owners around the globe.

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