COVID-19 Is Now An Obstruction For Members Of Some Directors

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is stressed over losing her job soon, as COVID-19 has been the hindrance.

The actress has been speaking in a video for her run as a member of SAG-AFTRA national board of directors that she won’t go and work on her project in Atlanta until the entire set is vaccinated. The threat is a deep concern to her since she could lose her job.

As per Sharon Stone, she will stay standing for the entirety of the team so that each set that they go on, is vaccinated. In fact, she wouldn’t dare working until that is done.


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It’s unfortunate that this is the current working conditions for the Screen Actors Guild, but they need to adapt. They now have to go to work where they are not safe to work.

Meanwhile, a current SAG-AFTRA agreement that expires in September 2021 allows producers the option of mandating Covid-19 vaccines for some cast and crew working in proximity.

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