COVID-19: Oprah Is Not Happy With The Way The Black Community In The Us Are Dying, Cautions Them

It’s as though Coronavirus showed up at the impairment of the Black people in the US. Few days ago, Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network came out to draw out a program to Save the black community who have been infected by Coronavirus.

That said, Oprah Winfrey has added his voice to the rate at which the infection is killing her fellow black people. She has anyway warned all African Americans to pay attention to the coronavirus episode since it is attacking the community and taking them out.

The media personality appears to be upset at the manner in which the situations are growing concerning the African American passings.

Oprah says black people ought to know that health conditions including diabetes and asthma additionally are some of the ailments that put them at more serious hazard, therefore, they should be wary of it.

She talked on the rear of her own wellbeing conditions with respect to how she also experienced pneumonia in 2019 and how her lungs never cleared.

Oprah is of the view that the unbalanced effects of coronavirus on the African American people keep on hunting down the entire country.

Thousands have died because of the infection, and among the urban communities where black occupants have been hard-hit include Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and Milwaukee.

Oprah Winfrey feels that, it’s as if people are playing hob with the virus, and aren’t getting the message about the danger of it’s effects.

A few legislators and community leaders in urban areas hard-hit by the pandemic have been sounding the alert over what they see as an upsetting pattern of the infection murdering African Americans at a higher rate.

Honestly, a past history of racism, discrimination and disparity in access to health care and economic open door has made numerous African Americans unmistakably increasingly helpless against the infection.

Unfortunately, grown-ups blacks in the US experience the ill effects of higher paces of stoutness, diabetes and asthma, which make them increasingly defenseless, and prone to be treated.

Interestingly, some Americans are of a different opinion that, abortion is rather ravaging the African Americans instead of coronavirus.

It is alleged that clinical experts do not pay attention to the African Americans’ afflictions when they come for treatment.

Numerous African Americans have administration occupations, for example, transport drivers, drug store laborers and market representatives, which have gotten fundamental during the lockdown. It keeps them from remaining at home and open them to the infection but still have contact with people in general.

Meanwhile, some weeks back, Oprah Winfrey announced her plans of giving $10 million to help people in the US during this pandemic season.

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