COVID-19: Pope Francis Celebrates Palm Sunday With A Reduced Number Of Worshippers

Today happens to be Palm Sunday of which a large number of the world’s population would have participated in the Celebration of Christ yet because of the dangerous pandemic COVID-19, the world is still inside ensuring they follow the “Stay At Home” mantra called upon by the World Health Organization.

The Catholic Church is one of the worship houses that could have been topped off by many people to praise this noteworthy event, Palm Sunday. Yet, unfortunately, that didn’t occur as Pope Francis celebrated the mass away from plain view in Vatican.

During a Palm Sunday mass held in an abandoned church, Pope Francis gingered youngsters not to be reluctant to risk their lives for others during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pope who observed Palm Sunday at the Chair of Saint Peter in Basilica, was extremely clear with his announcements.

The mass which is usually celebrated outside before a large number of voyagers, the Pope rather spoke in the presence of a little bunch of clerics and nuns and a reduced ensemble, who all kept up a distance from each other.

In his sermon, he prompted all to avail themselves to each other and approached everybody not to be hesitant to give their lives to God and to other people, since it pays!.

Palm Sunday mass inaugurates the start of Easter Week, the most significant seven day stretch of the Christian ritualistic schedule which comes full circle in Easter, next Sunday, April 12.

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