COVID 19: Singapore Now Uses Robot ‘Dog’ To Embolden Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the prudent steps put across by the World Health Organization to help battle the pandemic, coronavirus. Since WHO’s declaration, everybody is adhering to that security rules, which obviously have been extremely incredible up until this point.

However, Singapore is attempting another approach to get its occupants to avoid each other during this period.

On Friday 8th May, 2020, the Singaporean government declared it would begin conveying Spot, Boston Dynamics’ celebrated yellow and dark canine robot, at one local park.

Interestingly, just when the country had a model coronavirus reaction, their cases started going up.

The four-legged robot “Dog” have begun going round all territories and communicate a pre-recorded message to guests to help them to remember the significance of social distancing.

Technology Has Gradually Found Its Way Into Fashion

The robot will also be outfitted with cameras that will filter the environmental factors and assist authorities with assessing the number of individuals assembling in parks. The cameras won’t have the option to follow or perceive explicit people, and no close to home information will be gathered.

The government of Singapore accept this will be an ideal analysis to improve authorization of social distancing all through Singapore as the country battles with a disturbing ongoing ascent in cases.

The pilot project will be running for about fourteen days at one park during off-top hours. Also, if all works out in a good way, they will consider extending the program.

Singapore’s number of affirmed coronavirus cases is right now more than 21,707.

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