COVID-19: The IMF Has Predicted That Ghana Will Not Go Into Downturn

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that Ghana won’t go into a financial downturn even in this pandemic, Covid-19 season.

Indeed, a couple of formative partners of Ghana in addition to the World Bank have cautioned that the country could go into a monetary downturn because of the Covid-19 episode.

That said, IMF Country Director for Ghana, Dr Albert Touna Mama has expressed completely that their projection delineates that Ghana is set to develop at 1.5% this year.

As per Dr Mama, IMF’s projections calls attention to the way that the outlook for most countries in the world is very questionable because of the nature of the coronavirus pandemic, and the vulnerability is identified with the measures and the span of the emergency.

He further said that the measures set up to help battle the pandemic will keep on having a harming impact particularly all financial activities as long as they are still in presence.

Digging more into the issue, he said with respect to Ghana, the country is no where close to monetary downturn as indicated by their measurements.

Ghana’s bouncing back price of gold appears to be critical, and the stun on oil cost plus the cost of cocoa is additionally steady. As of now, all projections shows that Ghana won’t go into downturn when contrasted with other countries.

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