COVID And Sex Workers: The New Story

As the oldest profession in the world, prostitution has for sure been helpful to many individuals, especially men in many ways. Although, not acceptable in many social orders around the world, the hard truth is that, it has largely helped many people, who have testified in several platforms.

One would have felt that, during this ongoing pandemic which has even progressed to a new variant, prostitution would’ve been profoundly affected, but that is far from it. Interestingly, the business is still ‘Alive and Kicking’, as these women have various strategies for doing their business in these times.

In a recent interview on radio in Ghana, one of the sex workers who was speaking about the impact of the pandemic to their business, said when the pandemic showed up at first, they were totally frightened. So they had to halt to study the trend.

But at present, they have adopted different methods for meeting with their customers without getting contaminated with the coronavirus infection. According to the lady (name withheld), sex positions have changed, with larger part of the men objecting to that.

They believe they don’t enjoy it more as compared to some months back. The women additionally are being protective. Strangely, their rates have also changed, in this way, have affected their income.

As indicated by her, when Ghana’s lockdown was lifted, they had bunches of cash, since a significant number of the men rushed them for their services. Truth be told, they made great deals but at the same time, were cautious not to be infected with the virus- coronavirus.

In Ghana, the number of whores is widespread so much so that, many Ghanaians are unaware that it is prohibited. High growth of unemployment is believed to be causing a drastic growth in the sex industry.

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