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Each and everybody needs life insurance since, it is vital to you having the option to zero in on the significant things in life. Insurance guarantees monetary security for yourself as well as your family should anything heartbreaking occur.

There are a thousand and one benefits and advantages that go with insuring yourself and your family. Insurance companies invest the funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there’s a claim. Many people have one way or the other, made millions of dollars through insurance.

Truth be told, insurance is an unquestionable policy that helps you: Own a home, insures your home, get your family ready for unforseen conditions, covers your everyday expenses and bigger costs like your home loan while you center around your health and safety and furthermore helps in paying your losses.

The advantages of insurance comes in huge amounts. The insurance policy contract between you and the insurance agency is basically to repay you or your organization for covered losses.

All things considered, Hollard Life Ghana (The fastest rising Insurance company) is capable of giving a wide scope of insurance policies that will suite your requirements– from vehicle to business, and to your family. Hollard has several fabulous insurance policies that are made to fulfill you and the family, secure and to grow wealth also.

Signing up on any of these policies from Hollard Life Insurance is an assurance to your 100% security, should anything occur. And of course, the world is about uncertainties, so working with Hollard Life Insurance paying little mind to the kind of work you do, is an ideal beginning to the security of your life.

Adepa Wo Fie:

With Adepa Wo Fie (Good things in the home), you pay GHS 57 equivalent to ($9.44) every month with Hollard Life’s “Adepa Wo Fie Funeral Policy”.

You now secure your family and up to 5 children. It’s a policy that offers cover for the nuclear family and pays out when death occurs to any of the lives covered.

With this policy, you can put money aside as a responsible breadwinner for any unexpected passing of your spouse, children, parents, or relatives.

Your Benefits:

This policy makes funds readily available for: Your family to continue life if you pass away. You get the benefit of a:

  1. Funeral costs
  2. Hospital bills
  3. Undertakers’ fees
  4. hiring of chairs, tables, canopies, etc.
    All these comes with a single monthly premium of GHS 57.00 ($9.44).

You also get:

  1. Cover for main life (ie.You)
  2. Spouse
  3. Up to five (5) children

The “Adepa Wo Fie Funeral Policy” will pay out a sum assured of:

  1. GHS 15,000.00 ($2,483.87) each on the death of policyholder and spouse.
  2. GHS 15,000.00 ($2,483.87) on the death of children between 11 and 20 years.
  3. GHS 3,750.00 ($620.97) on the death of children between 6 and 10 years.
  4. GHS 2,500.00 ($413.98) on the death of children between 0 and 5 years.

Adepa Wo Fie Features:

  1. Return of all premiums paid by policyholder plus sum assured when main life or spouse dies.
  2. Funeral cover for each child, for spouse and up to 5 children at no extra premium.
  3. Additional family funeral covers available, up to 4 parents and 8 extended family members including adult children and siblings.
  4. Valid claims payable within 48 hours from all documentation being provided.
  5. Premium payment is waived for 12 months when the main life dies.
  6. Spouse can assume ownership of the policy upon the passing of the main life and continue with premium payments.
  7. You (the policyholder) must be between 18 and 45 years old to apply.
  8. As a business person who would want to take some of the money after several months if there is no funeral for the covered persons, you can pay an additional GHS 40 ($6.62) as a RIDER for this policy.

Note that after paying your consecutive monthly premium of GHS 57.00 ($9.44) for six months, your premium is matured.

Sign up today and ensure a better future for you and your family. Call or WhatsApp +233272009017, and we will be at your doorstep for a sign up.

Adepa Goal Save:

Save GHS 313.98 ($51.99) every month to receive GHS 50,000 ($8,279.56) in 10 years with Hollard Life’s Investment plan “Adepa Goal Save GHS50K” is customised to meet your long-term savings needs. Additionally, “Adepa Goal Save GHS50K” gives you financial confidence that your family will have financial stability in your unexpected absence.

Your Benefits:

This is to take care of long-term needs. Save towards:

  1. Yours or your child’s education
  2. Future wedding
  3. Future purchase of car
  4. Holidays and travel
  5. House purchase deposit
  6. Rainy day
  7. Etc.

The Savings Subscription Process:

  1. You agree to save towards a goal of GHS 50,000 ($8,279.56) in 10 years.
  2. You will save (contribute) GHS 313.98 (51.99) every month deducted from your bank account or mobile money wallet.
  3. Hollard Life pays you your guaranteed savings 10 years from when you started your monthly saving!

Adepa Goal Save Features:

  1. The product guarantees the goal amount of GHS 50,000 ($8,279.56) upon maturity.
  2. If you pass away before the maturity date of the savings policy (10 years), the full savings amount will still be paid to your nominated beneficiaries at the end of the period.
  3. No more monthly payments (premiums) will be required. This is called a mortality waiver.
  4. You are required to make consistent contributions for 6 months (waiting period) to qualify for the mortality waiver.

Sign up today and ensure a better future for you and your family. Call or WhatsApp +233272009017, and we will be at your service for a sign up.

Adepa Savings Plan:

Adepa savings plan is a pure investment policy for your future. Be it for marriage, schooling, business, home purchase etc., this is the policy for you.

With Adepa Savings Plan, you pay GHS 135 premium, which is equivalent to ($22.35) every month.

You now secure the future of your children, business and even family, while giving you security of your capital (benefit contributions). This means that the capital amount invested by you is guaranteed. However, if there are any additional investment returns earned on this benefit, those returns will be passed on to you at Hollard’s discretion.

The savings plan policy is a stand-alone policy, which means that you do not need any other Hollard product to take out this policy. If you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive a funeral benefit pay out as well in the form of a lump sum.

Investment period has a minimum investment period of 5 years and cannot exceed 20 years. However, after two years, you can optionally withdraw a certain percentage of your premium.

Your Benefits:

This policy makes funds readily available for: Your family to continue life if you pass away. You get the benefit of a:

  1. Save any amount of money monthly, subject to the minimum investment amount.
  2. maturity value is at least equal to the amount of money that has been given to Hollard.
  3. It’s a stand-alone policy.
  4. The Savings Plan Policy will pay out a sum assured of: GHS 50,000.00 ($8,279.56) after maturity

Sign up today and ensure a better future: for you and your family. Call or WhatsApp +233272009017, and we will be at your service for a Sign Up.

Adepa Family Plan:

Adepa Family Plan is designed not only to provide funds to ensure a befitting farewell to departed family members but also to replace income lost to the family as a result of death of the bread winner. This is a Family plan that you can afford without hassling.

Benefits of a Adepa Funeral Plan Include:

  1. Funeral insurance quote drawn up especially for you and your needs.
  2. No underwriting necessary.
  3. Covers starts immediately for accidental death.
  4. 20% guaranteed premium return for every 60 months.
  5. No premium payment upon retirement and also upon death of the policyholder.
  6. Free insurance cover up to five children of the policyholder.

Optional Extra Benefits:

  1. Funeral Cover for partner, additional children, parents and parents-in-law, siblings, nieces, nephews and even an additional spouse.
  2. Tombstone Cover that’s caters for the 1 year anniversary of the death of the policyholder and if applicable, the partner.
  3. Life Cover that pays a lump sum upon the death of the policyholder and if applicable partner.
  4. Family Income Benefit that pays a fixed monthly amount upon the death of the policyholder and if applicable, the partner.
  5. A steady fixed income that is that payable through the Monthly Provider Benefit to your loved ones for a maximum of 24 months.

Sign up today and ensure a better future: up today and ensure a better future for you and your family. WhatsApp or Call +233272009017, and we will be at your service for a Sign Up.

How To Claim Your Life Insurance Premiums

Please call our dedicated staff members on 0302954098 who will assign a claims officer to you. Alternatively, you can Contact your Insurance Broker or Hollard2U Representative.

While Hollard is processing and settling your claim, you can expect from us:

  1. Explanations on why other people (e.g. surveyors) will be involved in the claims process and what their role will be.
  2. Requests for original repair estimates or the replacement invoices.
  3. An explanation of how your type of claim is usually settled, for example:
    by paying you through the bank or other modes of payments.
  4. Payments to be made to you within 48 hours of you agreeing to the settlement by signing our Discharge Voucher.
  5. Where we’re successful at holding the negligent third party responsible for an accident:
    A refund of the policy excess will be deducted from the claim amount.
    A reinstatement of your No Claim Discount (NCD) to the previous percentage before the claim was settled will be performed. Any resulting return premium will be credited to your account.

In order to claim, you need to provide us with:

  1. Particulars of the other party (their vehicle registration number, name, address and contact number).
  2. Particulars of the other party’s insurers.
    A final police report of the incident.

Ideally, paying for your first premium instantly either through your bank account or mobile money, promises you (the policyholder) of a superior future.

Cushion your properties and Life Now! No one knows tomorrow!!

NOTE: Please Always Furnish Us With A True And Complete Information When Signing Up For The Correct Processing Of Your Policy

Contact us:
0272-009017 (WhatsApp or Call)

About Hollard Ghana

As the fastest growing Insurer, Hollard Ghana is the country’s favourite insurance group of companies, with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance, combining its deep local knowledge of the market with an international insurance brand’s world-class expertise.

With feet firmly planted on Ghanaian soil but headquartered in South Africa, Hollard delivers innovative insurance solutions customized to Ghanaians’ unique risks. Hollard was previously Metropolitan Insurance which operated in Ghana for over 25 years.

The Immense Contribution Of Insurance To An Economy

The company offers various life and general insurance products including funeral, personal accident, motor, business, home, and more; and can be reached via the following numbers: 0272-009017, 0302954098.

Beyond various nationwide office branches and Hollard 2U franchise shops, Ghanaians can find Hollard at Shell Fuel Station Welcome Shops, and Melcom stores, for all their insurance needs as well.

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