Czech Employers Are Reliably Looking To Employ More Foreigners

In March 2023, 284,525 job opportunities were open in the Czech Republic though the number of enlisted work searchers was 273,478 around then.

Most of opening were connected with construction and building trades, manufacturing and assembly, transportation, culinary and general services. The most popularity for new workers was found in Prague, with a nunber of 78,112 job opportunities.

Regardless of the fact that the number of empty work places and job searchers is exceptionally close, Czech organizations actually are facing deficiencies in a few sectors.

As per EURES, employers are reliably looking to enlist new workerd, with a specific spotlight on jobs in authentic blue-collar and exceptionally skilled occupations. A similar source likewise noticed that the interest for talented skilled workers stays high over the long haul.

For 71.6 percent of the revealed opening, employers are searching for up-and-comers with essential or lower education, while 70.9 percent of the opportunities are appropriate for foreigners.

According to European Labour Authority, EURES, most professionals Czech employers are looking to hire are in the construction and building trades, manufacturing and assembly, transportation, culinary and general services.

Specifically, the ten most sought-after jobs by Czech employers are:

Building construction workers
Forklift operators
Warehouse workers
Assembly workers
CNC machine operators
Truck and tractor-trailer drivers
Masons and tilers

Also, individuals with lower capabilities, especially those with apprenticeships but without a secondary school certificate and those with just primary education, were more incessant among the jobless.

Tips for Foreigners Applying for Work Permits in Czech:

To work in the Czech Republic, people who are not residents of EU, EEA or Switzerland, they will require a visa and a work permit, regardless of whether they want to work for under 90 days within the country.

EU To Start A New And Easy System For Obtaining A Schengen Visa By 2026

Subsequently, authorities in Czech offer three types of work permits – the Employee Card, the Blue Card and the Intra-Company Transferee Card.

With respect to payment, the Czech Republic is listed in Group 3 by Eurostat, alongside the nations that have a lowest pay permitted by law lower than €1000. In particular, the monthly minimum wage in Czech is approximately €720.

In terms of the cost of living, the Czech Republic is positioned as the 25th most expensive country in Europe, according to Numbeo.

Taking into account its labour shortages, the government of the Czech Republic has taken some measures, in an effort to tackle the situation. In August 2023, the Czech Republic’s authorities launched a new migration programme in a bid to attract Indonesian students of polytechnic universities who wish to work in the country.

Under this program, an estimated 300 students from selected Indonesian polytechnic universities will have the opportunity to work in the Czech Republic for a two-year period.

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