Dada KD Makes A Shocking Revelation About His Beautiful Songs

Dada KD

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many other top entertainers in the music world, have affirmed that, every one of their tunes were composed by other incredible songwriters.

Truth be told, most incredible talents around the round can bear witness to the fact that, as a performer, it isn’t by configuration to compose your own songs constantly.

Indeed, some do both ie. (compose and sing) simultaneously, but the reality actually stays that, melodies of most extraordinary artists are composed for them.

Regarding this, one of Ghana’s super-talented musician Dada Kwaku Duah, essentially called Dada KD in showbiz has revealed that, he composes as well as sings every one of his melodies.

The super-skilled singer said in an interview on radio (Neat FM) that, all his Love songs that blow the minds of people and are generally hits, were composed without help from anyone else.


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Interestingly, all his songs were not written down, as in taking a pen and paper and putting down words.

All things being equal, he coins and set up his words when they streak through his brain.

According to him, he also or gets words from people he interacts with, particularly when they are having a talk. He goes along with them in his mind and that is it! So any time he visits the studio, he records them.

As per the passionate singer, he has never written down a melody with a pen and a paper before with exemption of just one tune “Ene Menye”. When asked about how he figures out to compose such deep and passionate love tunes, Dada KD rushed to respond to that.

According to him, he writes them because, he believes life shouldn’t be lived with Pressure but with Pleasure. Consequently, Pleasure spurs him to compose such heartfelt love melodies for the fans.

Dada KD has been in music for close to three decades, despite the fact that he began at a youthful age. The 49 year old has since produced incredible and quality Highlife love tunes for fans all over the world.

His exciting and appealing vocal abilities has consistently been the mystery for him to pull in that amount of fans.

Dada KD has an extraordinary and quality tunes including albums to his credit including: Fatia Fata Nkrumah, Ene Menye, Ohemaa Sika, and countless of them.

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