Daddy Lumba: An Ambassador Of Timeless And Beautiful Music


Daddy Lumba

I recall when my Dad (my biological father’s senior brother) came down from Germany on a short holiday in the year 2000, when he had loads of CDs of the highlife legend Daddy Lumba among his assortment of selected CDs of various performers in his bags.

My Dad is naturally quite stern, but I was bold enough to ask him for what valid reason he had numbers of Daddy Lumba’s CDs more than other performers.

He raised his head up, looked into my face and said: ‘He Is Simply Connected To Quality Music‘. DL as he is known, has been around in the music business for more than thirty years.

The multiple award winning highlife musician has won the hearts of many Ghanaians and around the globe with his life-teaching tunes. For an Ivorian who scarcely understands the Ghanaian language to be so fixated on DL’s tunes unmistakably says a lot about the superstar.

Lumba’s tunes have been so ‘infectious’ in the lives of many people to the degree that, they speak directly to them- especially to those who are either confronting challenges in life or having a good time throughout everyday life.

For some music experts and pundits, Lumba doesn’t just do highlife music, but also wears the attire of ‘an all round’ music which justifies that, he is a ‘powerful’ lyricist and vocalist who is naturally brilliant at making good music, regardless of the genre.

So if Rastafarians can bow down and are so obsessed with Lumba’s music, then what does it imply? Clearly, the man is simply phenomenal with regards to quality music. Obviously, there are several other great melodies that talks about LIFE, but tuning in to Lumba’s own interfaces with good and touching stories is unique.

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Lots of Daddy Lumba’s tunes including ‘Anidasoɔ Wohoɔ Ma Obiara’, ‘Ohia As3m’, Ɛmmere Pa Bɛba’, ‘Agya Bi Wua Agya Bi Tease’ and many other tunes have one way or the other, connected with people’s lives.

The 57 year old Ghanaian singer, has ‘captured’ the hearts of millions of people around the globe, with fan clubs registered in his name.

In fact, in Ghana, one such fan clubs ‘worship’ him like ‘God’ because of his vocal capacities, way of singing and his songwriting aptitudes. Since he began his music profession at age 16, Charles Kwadwo Fosu (real name) has cut a one of a kind specialty for himself up until this time. He is scarcely found in public events apart from being contracted to stand before a crowd of people to perform.

As one of the top superstars we can discover in Ghana and Africa, it’s not really conceivable to see Daddy Lumba grant interviews on radio or TV paying little mind to any issue that pops up.

Anything that has to do with him will essentially vanish into thin air, as he would let it slide away like a wrecked egg in a sand. He is just a ‘No Comment’ man who only focuses on his music.

Daddy Lumba, on the whole, has released 33 Albums. And they include the widely acclaimed ones like Aben Woha, Awosu, Obi Ate Me So Buoɔ, Sika As3m and Ebi Se 3y3 Aduro.

He is currently preparing for his 34th Album, titled ‘Nnipa Fon Na Ɛka Ns3m Fon’.
He has been consistent with the release of various hit Albums and has set up himself as one of Ghana’s most well known entertainers of the Highlife genre.

In 1999, he won three Awards including Best Album, Artist of the Year and the Most well known Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards. Before the year 2002, Daddy Lumba came out each year with a hit Album.

As a top Musician, Daddy Lumba’s owns a studio where he does all his works. He also owns machines for mastering, cassette duplication, loading, printing and shrink wrapping exclusively for his works.

His music has evolved over the years to reflect the changes in taste and demands for music; he can currently be described as a contemporary highlife artist.

Daddy Lumba has won several Ghana Music Awards and other excellence awards and continue to appeal to the young and old.

In 2018, he was acknowledged with an ‘Icon/Legend of Entertainment’ award at the Exclusive Men of the Year Africa Awards (EMY Award). And in 2000 he was awarded with – Artist of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards, Best Album of the Year, Most Popular Song of the Year respectively. 2003 was no different, as he was once again honoured with the – Contemporary Highlife Artist of the year at the Ghana Music Awards, Contemporary Highlife Song, and Contemporary Highlife Album.

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