Daughters Of Glorious Jesus Reveal The Circular Musicians They Love

Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Through their incredible songs, the gospel triad “Daughters of Glorious Jesus” has spread the gospel for 34 years. By dint of their amazing songs, many souls have been transformed, inspired, and saved.

Gospel is obviously about Uplifting the good news, thus doing otherwise, doesn’t promise you being a resolute follower of God, as per a recent debate in Ghana. In fact, some have even stated that if you are a Christian and you listen to circular music, you have lost your faith.

In a recent interview granted by Gospel performer Moses OK, it isn’t a good thing to listen to unchristian songs (circular music) if you’re genuinely a resolute devotee of God. However, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus have a different perspective in response to Moses OK’s assertion.

They said they see nothing wrong with that, when they spoke on United Showbiz on UTV on April 9. Edna said, That’s Moses OKs’ perception, and for me, I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

As indicated by Monica- – one member of the group, she is so much fixated on singer Kojo Antwi’s tunes because of their love messages they carry. She stated that, as a married woman, it is not inappropriate to listen to Maestro Kojo Antwi’s love songs. She stated, “It helps us in our marriages.”

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Another member of the Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Edna, also admitted that she feels good whenever she hears Amakye Dede’s songs.

On the same subject, group leader Cynthia disclosed that they recorded in the same studio with highlife music legend Amakye Dede, and he admitted to them that he always listens to the Duaghters’ songs any time he prays.

This she said is a motivation to them as well. They have been praying for the highlife superstar ever since he made the revelation, according to Cynthia.

During a more in-depth discussion with Mzgee on United Showbiz, they came to the conclusion that Jesus came not necessarily for the “righteous,” but rather on purpose for those who do not know the word of God.

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