Delta Airlines Commended By Passengers

As indicated by officials of Huntsville International Airport in the U.S, more travelers loaded up planes this week, as a result of the Thanksgiving holiday, in spite of admonitions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Indeed, Huntsville International Airport saw an expansion in travelers for the Thanksgiving occasion contrasted with other weeks during this pandemic.

People weren’t concerned about the pandemic but were impressed with safety measures on their flight.

According to some travelers, a few airlines especially Delta Airlines substantiated themselves as perhaps the best carrier, and made an incredible showing by guarding travelers by disinfecting the plane. For Delta aircrafts, they are consistently strict with their rules and always hold up to it.

Because of the rising number of cases, Huntsville International Airport’s priority is to make travelers agreeable to head out and keep on after CDC rules. And that is actually what they are presently doing.

In the interim, the Airport officials say if you might be traveling soon, ensure you you know what COIVD-19 restrictions might be in place at your destination.

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