Delta Airlines Facing A Serious Challenge Due To It’s Employees…

CEO of Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian with some of his employees

The CEO of Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian has revealed that, around 8,000 of its 75,000 employees tested positive for Covid-19 in the course of the last month. He said this has truly had a negative impact on the organization’s monetary outcomes during a bustling holiday travel season.

Delta announced a loss for the quarter and forecast one more for the first three months of the year on account of the quick spreading omicron variant, but anticipated travel would start to bounce back again in late February 2022.

A progression of winter storms and airline crews sidelined by omicron infections contributed to more than 20,000 U.S. flight cancellations industry-wide between Christmas Eve and the first week of January. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby on Monday said 3,000 of its close to 70,000 U.S. employees were positive for Covid.

Flight cancellations have eased fundamentally in a couple of days now. Delta’s operations has since balanced out, with 1% of flights dropped over the previous week in light of the omicron variant.

As indicated by the CEO- – Bastian, the workers who tested in the wake of releasing the quarterly results.

Delta before the end of last year, updated its sick leave policy for workers who test positive for Covid-19, giving them five days of pay, outside of sick banks, and two extra days, assuming they test positive on the fifth day.

Already, staff had 10 days of paid leave. That came after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated its rules for Covid isolating, dividing its proposal to five days.

Delta and several other aircrafts had encouraged the Initialism of Center for Disease Control (CDC) to roll out the changes.

Meanwhile, the largest U.S. flight attendant union criticized Delta’s policy. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants tweeted last week that Delta “is telling workers across work groups that they should come to work w/ symptoms even if someone in the household tested positive.” She also said that positive workers were told to “come to work after 5 days if the fever is below 100.9, even if still testing positive.”

Delta gave an order to stop all activities over the comments to the Union, which is attempting to put together Delta’s airline attendants.

But Bastian defended the policy and said it was based on CDC guidance.


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