Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary To Be The First Australian-born Queen

Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth

The fairy tale rise of an Australian sales executive to the upper ranks of European royalty is set to be completed later this month when Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark becomes the country’s Queen Consort.

The last stretch of Mary’s way from Tasmania to the Danish lofty position was cleared on New Year’s Eve by the unexpected abdication of Queen Margrethe II, who announced that she will step down on January 14.

It’s a really uncommon move in Denmark, where a monarch or ruler hasn’t renounced beginning around 1146 when King Eric III surrendered the crown to join a cloister, as per the Royal House.

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Margrethe’s oldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, will become King, while his better half, Crown Princess Mary, will also be the first Australian to become Queen, an achievement that has pleased her allies back home.

For the majority of Mary’s Australian admirers, a fitting finale to a sentiment broadly started in a boisterous Sydney bar around the hour of the Olympics in 2000.

Millions watched the couple get married in 2004. After twenty years, their rising to the privileged position is supposed to spellbind crowds around the world – from Copenhagen to the Tasmanian capital of Hobart, where Mary was born.

Mary is a fierce advocate for the sexual rights of women and girls and also an advocate for refugees.

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