Depression: Comedian Lawyer Ntim Is Now Telling His Story

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Lawyer Ntim has related how extreme depression constrained him to visit a shrine.

In an interview on Okay FM, a local radio broadcast, Lawyer Ntim revealed that he experienced depression for 3 years.

He said that he was always worried about his life and what he wanted to accomplish. He was forced to stay inside and stew in his thoughts as a result.

However, unluckily for him, he became very depressed and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Consequently, he spoke with a few friends, who advised him to see a spiritualist.

“I was so depressed for three years that i was forced to see a “juju” man”, Lawyer Nti revealed.

On the flip side, comedians and depression has been a major discussion in recent times.
Depression can affect individuals from all walks of life, including comedians. There are a number of comedians who have one way or the other, experienced depression.

One Of The Hardest Things To Do In The World Is Comedy- Romanus

That being said, there have been several comedians who have been open about their struggles with depression. Some notable examples include Robin Williams, who tragically took his own life in 2014 and had been battling depression for a long time.

Other comedians, such as Sarah Silverman, Chris Gethard, and Maria Bamford, have also spoken publicly about their experiences with depression. These examples serve as a reminder that mental health challenges can affect anyone, regardless of their profession or public persona.

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