Depression Is Making Life Unbearable For Many Celebrities In Ghana

Rex Omar

As per the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar larger part of the creative industry people in the country, are experiencing depression because of the challenges they face in the business.

In a recent interview with Radio XYZ, the veteran highlife performer said numerous artistes and performers are living in wretchedness, in spite of setting up a demonstration of progress and excitement.

He expressed a large number of them are battling to earn a living wage, even when they have hit songs, as the royalties and incomes they get are not sufficiently enough to support them.

“A lot of creative people are going through depression because it’s all ‘showbusiness’, ‘outside gentility, home cry’. They do the show, but a lot of them are going through serious difficulties, and because of the ‘celebrity’ tag that they’ve been given, they don’t know who to even talk to,” he said.

“Because everyone has presumed that they have money, everything is alright with them, so they can’t ask for help. A lot of them are going through serious depression. Even when an artiste makes a hit song, many people think that they’re still profiting off that song for the next 5 years. But in reality, these celebrities are suffering,” he said.

He faulted society for placing such a lot of unnecessary pressure and demands on them, disregarding their welfare and wellbeing while calling for additional support and compassion for the celebrities, who he said are adding to the turn of events and promotion of the Ghanaian culture and identity.

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Rex Omar is an eminent highlife singer, songwriter and producer. He was elected as the chairman of GHAMRO in 2022 and has been leading the organisation in its mandate to collect and distribute royalties to music rights owners in Ghana.

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