Diddy Has Once Again Changed His Name

Sean LOVE Combs is his official name now

One of the most perceived and regarded American hotshots with respect to showbiz and especially music is Diddy. It’s intriguing yet the 50 year old was once in the past Puff Daddy. Once more, he felt there was the need to rebrand his name, so transformed it to P. Diddy. The rap music icon was still not fulfilled so by and by, he renamed to simply Diddy excluding the ‘P’.

Today, he has at long last affirmed another name, Sean LOVE Combs. Sean says his longing is to change the middle name in his court reports which were recorded in October 2019. As I compose this piece, it official and legitimate that his new name is, Sean LOVE Combs. We trust this will be the last and for the long haul until the end of time.

In the mean time, Sean Combs is evaluated as perhaps the most richest rapper in the world with such a large number of productive ideas during the current year including bringing back ‘Making the Band’ very soon.

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