DJ Cuppy Tells Fans To Be Patient With Her

DJ Cuppy has responded to the reliable calls from his fans to release a song following quite a while. In a video on X on Thursday December 7, the award winning performer and philanthropist said, she understands her fans’ disappointment over her lackadaisicality in releasing a song after four ‘quiet’ years.

Cuppy claims that it has been four years since she released a song or an album after her first debut in the past. However, they ought to be aware that God’s timing is the best, and her fans should be patient with her.

The Afrobeats singer went on to say that she wants to make sure her next song was perfect. At age 30, DJ Cuppy who portrays her genre as ‘Neo-Afrobeats’ which is a combination of Electro house and Afrobeats thinks there is more to give her fans as a remixer and music producer. Since 2013 to date, Cuppy has engaged her fans with numerous gigs.

Other than music and DJying, Cuppy does heaps of things including philanthropic activities. She was recently honoured at the 2023 Best Of Africa Awards for her philanthropic activities through her Cuppy foundation.

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Cuppy is known for her charity and generosity; with more concentration on African continent. Through her foundation, she aims to assist future African leaders by furnishing them with the knowledge, tools, and networks needed to have the greatest effect on the continent.

In the relatively recent past, DJ Cuppy gave £100,000 to the University of Oxford as a grant store for Africans in the school.

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