Do You Know The Confident Afia Pokuaa ‘Vim Lady’?

Afia Pokuaa

She is smart, Intelligent, bold, forceful, intrepid and dedicated. These are the words to portray media character Afia Pokuaa famously known as ‘Vim Lady’.

Afia has an extreme heart to withstand criticisms when they come, but interestingly, she is also exceptionally hilarious – and therefore, she pulls in more fans when on air.

As journalist, political analyst and plausible as she is, Afia Pokuaa says it bluntly as it is. Accordingly, many people adore her for that, while others also disdain her. Obviously, as a journalist, you’re always sure to confront these challenges, and Afia Pokuaa is no exemption.

Regardless of these impediments, she endeavors to satisfy the audience with her perfections. Working with several media stations in Ghana, has given her such a lot of experience in the media space, and has carved a special appeal her own way as far as broadcasting and media overall is concerned.


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Afia Pokuaa is a legal counselor, lecturer and a communication expert, who mixes these callings impeccably alongside her news-casting job. She has been in the media space for longer than 10 years and is regarded as one of the senior journalists in Ghana.

Aside from being behind the mic and on TV, she is an ardent advocate for women. Afia is simply against women being abused, subverted or peered down on in all circles of life. Rapist, batterers, and any form of abuse allotted to women isn’t her thing.

However as equitable as Afia is, she additionally hates women abusing men. Perhaps, that is the reason she considered studying Law at the University of East London School of Law and Social Sciences, so she could fight for people being abused.

‘Real Vim’ as she is warmly called, is also a philanthropist who has given such a lot of kindness and support to people in need–something she has accomplished for quite a while.

This pushed her to build up an establishment (Vim Foundation) to additionally stretch out her assistance to more destitute individuals.

Afia Pokuaa is now the Chief volunteer at the Vim Foundation. She has won several awards for being one of the authentic and persevering journalists in the country.

Afia Pokuaa is now the Programs director at Despite Media Group (one of the best media houses in Ghana).

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