Does Bosom P-Yung Has Some Similarities With Sisqo?

Bosom P-Yung (Left) and Sisqo (right)

Bosom P-Yung is a rising musician from Ghana who sprung up into the music scene in the no so distant past. He has been doing music for an extremely prolonged stretch of time but wasn’t getting the vital acknowledgment he merited as a performer. With the assistance of social media, this energetic act just originated from no where and got people talking.

His initially inclining video “Ataa Adwoa” was wildly and humorously made with such a lot of fun consequently, causing such a great amount of notice to himself via web-based social media. His style is one of a kind therefore, he immediately got that fascination and started rising quick.

Besides his first tune, he has produced different tracks only not to become dull rapidly. Because of his style, a few major acts in Ghana has highlighted him on their melodies with some also having a talk with him for a potential feature. Aside from his style of music which people think he once in a while sounds and acts like Sisqo (the “Thong Song” hitmaker and songwriter), he additionally looks like the latter.

Presently, one of Ghana’s fine musicians, Lord Paper is out with another Hi-Life tune ” Asa Bone” (meaning bad dance) and it features Bosom P-Yung. The tune which is clearly an incredible music by all benchmarks, accompanies an awesome video too. What’s more, in the video, the “Ataa Adwoa” hitmaker is seen with his standard glimmering execution.

Apart from his performance on the tune, the video affirms why a few people are of the view that he looks, acts and performs like Sisqo. Well opinions are like noses and they might be correct. Maybe, the American lyricist might be watching from afar!.

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