Doja Cat Has Now Promised To Quit Music

According to Doja Cat, she is quitting music. In any case, how serious is she? She made this declaration on her twitter account on Friday March 25, causing a hubbub as to the reason why she made that expression.

According to the award winning singer, she is done with music and wants to quit after she was hauled by fans for not saying ‘sorry’ to the ones who waited for her performance in Paraguay during the Asunciónico Festival where she was a headliner at the show.

So this is what happened. Doja Cat was supposed to perform at the Asunciónico Festival in Paraguay. However, the show had to be cancelled on account of a heavy rainfall at the show grounds. There was a flood, so organizers had no choice but to stop the whole show.

Unfortunately, the fans are peeved about this, and are requesting that Doja Cat apologize to them for not having the option to perform rather than other headliners.

In the mean time, there are many trolls on the internet fueling the Twitter jury against Doja by posting edited screengrabs of the singer liking a tweet which was rude towards the Paraguayans.

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Other than these, many are also annoyed about Doja Cat saying she also expected fans to come to her hotel to see her off when she was leaving. Reacting to her disappointment, the fans say she is just a two-timer (hypocrite) for saying this in the wake of failing to apologize to the Paraguayan fans.

Nonetheless, the issue got worse when she rather said sorry to her Brazilian fans for not giving them an adequate show in a tweet. This set off Paraguayan fans since they believed they have been ignored by their number one artist.

Following a series of since-deleted tweets, Doja wrote in a tweet finally giving in,

“This s**t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care,” while she also changed her name on Twitter to “I quit.”

Fans have since stood up on the side of the artist while a few others are still annoyed at her. However as indicated by reports, Doja Cat will perform at her next stop in Autódromo de Interlagos in São Paulo, Brazil.

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