Doja Cat Struck Some Sultry But Beautiful Poses While Performing At This Year’s Coachella Festival

It was a thrilling spectacle when singer Doja Cat came up stage at the end of the week’s 2024 Coachella (Sunday April 14). The 28 year-old singer engaged the crowd with various exceptional and scandalous outfits that pulled more eyes.

Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat was announced as the main headliner for both Sunday shows back in January 2024.

She took the Coachella stage at roughly 10:25 PM, displaying a few interesting outfits during her performances.

She initially made that big appearance wearing an all white coverall that gave off an impression of being some kind of rendition of a hazardous materials suit, starting off her set with ‘Acknowledge Me’.

The singer then continued on toward ‘Shutcho’ with ‘The Joy’, wearing the same white coverall/hazardous materials suit on but in a relaxed streaming blonde hairpiece.

She then proceeded to perform ‘Demons’ and an abbreviated rendition of Tia Tamera, still keeping the blonde hairpiece but with the suit.

Doja appeared an outfit fundamentally involved light hair expansions filling in as tufts on different pieces of her body.

She later got back with her tune ‘F**k the Girls’ (FTG) but with another new outfit.

This time, Doja Cat was wearing a white bodice with matching clothing and boots that went up nearly her whole leg.

She continued her set with ‘Gun’ and the live debut of OKLOSER and Ouchies before revealing yet another outfit.

This look was almost somewhat of a fur-lined bikini of sorts with a sleeveless cut-off vest, fur-lined panties and fur-lined boots.

Her set also included n.h.i.e., Attention, 97, Balut and Need to Know, along with MASC with an appearance by Teezo, Streets, Agora Hills and Ain’t S**t.

After one more recess, she returned in one more scandalous outfit, with essentially sheer stockings, gold boots and a sleeveless top.

Her last look was perhaps the raciest, rolling around in some mud with a skimpy bikini along with several gyrating dancers.

The singer will be back to headline the Sunday show next weekend as well on the main Coachella stage.

She will be joined by other performers on Sunday such as YG Marley, Carin León, Bebe Rexha, Ludmilla and J Balvin.

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The headliners for this year’s festivities include Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, Doja Cat and No Doubt.

This was Doja Cat’s third Coachella performance and her first time as headliner. The singer performed on the Coachella Stage to close out the first weekend

Other notable Coachella 2024 acts include: Ice Spice, Lil Uzi Vert, J Balvin, Sabrina Carpenter, Bebe Rexha, Renee Rapp, Grimes, Sublime, Jon Batiste and Lil Yachty.

Coachella is a yearly music and entertainment festival which unites the absolute greatest artists in the business and large number of big names, powerhouses, fans, and music lovers from around the world.

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