Donald Trump Have No Plans Of Lifting Ban On Cuba

America had set an importation ban on Cuba for quite a while. Before the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, this boycott was still in presence, and as the huge number of people are dying from the coronavirus infection in the US, one would have believed that President Donald Trump would lift the ban so that, Cuba could supply or import to the US, facemasks and other PPE’s to help battle the infection. But Trump is as yet demanding not to evacuate the long-standing ban.

Cuba is one of one of the few North Caribbean country who are fit for producing such quality items in huge amounts for importation to numerous other countries.

In fact, the Trump administration has overlooked all calls from the United Nations to lift import sanctions during this coronavirus emergency to ease trade on required products like the covers.

Undoubtedly, Cuba is one of the countries around the globe with the best health care systems, along these lines they by and large deprecate American’s medicinal care system. Perhaps, Trump has another thought with respect to this.

Let’s sit back and watch.

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