Dubai Closes Down Deluge Of Businesses. This Is Why

Covid pandemic is still ‘attacking’ the world with its new variation across several nations. Numerous countries including Dubai has not been spared by any means, as the Western Asians has no choice but to close the entirety of its bars, pubs, and several other spots to thwart the spread of the infection.

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management issued a report on the decision, which already began from Tuesday February 2 through to 28. The decision of the closure is due to the increment in the number of violations of prudent steps.

With this, audience limit of seated indoor venues, including cinemas as well as entertainment and sports venues will be reduced to 50% of maximum capacity; with enhanced precautionary measures being stringently enforced.

Hotels are also working at 70% of absolute limit; with new bookings or appointments following the new limit.

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The number of visitors permitted inside pools and private sea shores in all hotels are similarly restricted to 70% of absolute limit.

Shopping centers across the country are working at a diminished limit of 70%. Cafés and bistros are being ordered to close by 1.00 am. Entertainment activities are not allowed to be coordinated in their premises.

For these standards to be 100% observed, an intensified monitoring and inspection campaigns have been tasked to ensure strict compliance with precautionary measures and safety protocols including physical distancing and wearing of facemasks.

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