DW-TV’s Eddie Micah Jr.: A Youthful Gem With So Much Inspiration!

Eddie Micah

Being on DW-TV wasn’t just by accident but by hardwork and devotion. Eddie Micah Jr. has since the very beginning, followed his passion as a journalist. His profound and refined voice was constantly been heard on several radio programs including a sports show back in Ghana.

His consistency, ‘flow’, and profound knowledge in sports pulled in audience members to the show at the time. Eddie Micah Jr. who currently works with DW-TV began on a splendid note and has from that point forward, advanced to higher heights.

As the DW News Africa Moderator, Eddie has been with the news network since 2017. ‘Justice Hunter’ as his companions call him, has interviewed huge amounts of top worldwide characters and has consistently wished to pull his microphone to the doorstep of the apparition of the legendary late Bob Marley.

If phantoms somehow managed to be living, Eddie Micah Jr. would perhaps have been the first journalist to have an interview with Bob Marley to look for his thoughts on the redemption tune.

Eddie would’ve also book an interview with “The ghost of Dr. Martin Luther King”; to discover how he figured out how to remain quiet through such abuse.

Moreover, one of his desire was to one day, meet Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah; to realize the challenges associated with battling for freedom.

Eddie will also try to have a chit chat with former and late South African President, Nelson Mandela to find out about what his second thoughts in handling politically-sanctioned racial segregation. For US former President Barack Obama; he is as yet endeavoring to have him on his show to know more about him.

Oprah Winfrey will likewise make his show one of the viewed TV programs in the world, in the event that she is hosted to give a few hints on how she arrived at more noteworthy media statures.

One of the TV shows he hosts on DW-TV ‘The 77 Percent’ has had heaps of noticeable individuals in Africa and around the globe on it. He is additionally one of the hosts of the AfricaLink radio program on the same TV program, DW-TV.

Eddie Micah Jr’s. media profession started in Ghana ten years ago where he worked with Atlantis Radio, YFM Ghana and ETV Ghana. He had additionally produced various projects for radio, TV and online life in Ghana, Denmark and Germany.

Currently, Eddie Micah Jr’s works essentially as a Broadcast Journalist for DW Africa English, where he is pleased to speak to Africa’s youth on such a major global stage.

Eddie holds a Masters Degree in news-casting, media and globalization with authentication gained in Hamburg, Germany.

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