ECOWAS Bank Supports Ghana’s Economy With More Than $300 Million

Ecowas Bank

On Monday, third August, 2020, around five sectors of the economy of Ghana has been monetarily supported by Ecowas Bank Investment And Development (EBID).

These areas of investment (Energy, Trade, Technology, Tourism and hospitality industry) has been infused by the Community of West African States Bank with a total of over $300-million.

The bank has just given power to 114 communities in Ashanti and Bono Regions of Ghana and has stretched out their development projects to the entire country, Ghana. The bank is also building a ultramodern clinic in Bekwai in the Ashanti Region and a shopping center in Kumasi, Ghana.

Ecowas Bank made all these infusion known when they visited the Judiciary of Ghana, to perceive how they could be of use to the legal executive in their activities, particularly in the training of judges and staff in the area of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

Ecowas bank additionally expressed that, they are prepared to work together with the legal executive in the regions of common interest. The bank has throughout the years, followed the advancement in the legal executive, including that the judiciary was critical to the advancement of every country.

The Bank has vowed to loan support for the training of Judges, and particularly when the Chief Justice Yeboah, made it known that their significant challenge is financing.

As a nonprofit making organization, the legal executive need about $50 million for the development of a judiciary institution. Ecowas bank is comprised of 15-member states in West Africa and is situated in Togo.

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