Edem Releases His New Single ‘Monalisa’

Ghanaian musician, Edem Goget’em, has released a new single, ‘Monalisa.’

Released by MixMasterGarzy, this track is clearly a show-stopper with heaps of captivating verses in it.

This is Edem’s first release of the year, and expectation has been working among fans anxious to enjoy his remarkable mix of Afrobeat and highlife rhythms.

‘Monalisa’ is an outstanding music as the singer-songwriter has churned out an irresistible tune with excellent lyrics that make it resounding with audience members (listeners).

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The story tells a story about how to treat a woman the correct way, and how to prepare the up and coming age of men on ways of moving toward a woman of their fantasies.

On the release of ‘Monalisa’, Edem offered his thanks to his steadfast fans for their unflinching support and patience.

Goget’em is also grateful for the love and support he has gotten from his fans all through his career.

As indicated by the musician, he appreciates the patience his fans have had for him during his preparation months, and now he is excited to finally share ‘Monalisa’ to them.

Stream ‘Monalisa‘ here: The Song

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