Elvis Presley’s Record Has Been Broken By Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber

Not every teen musician have had the option to remain relevant in the music business to date. We can specify a couple of them who began quite well yet en route relapsed. Be that as it may, Justin Beiber has had the option to be in the showbiz game and has even broken a long standing record set by Elvis Presley on a music chart in the United States.

Justin Bieber’s seventh collection, ‘Changes’, has appeared at the top of the US Billboard chart – beating a record set by Elvis Presley fifty nine (59) years ago. It’s intriguing how nobody was able to break the record until now.

At age twenty-five (25), the Canadian artist is presently the most youthful independent craftsman to accomplish this record in addition to seven number one collections. Similarly, Elvis Presley’s record was set at the age of twenty six (26) in 1961 while Beiber’s was at age twenty five as referenced above.

Bieber’s first collection ‘Changes’ has so far sold 231,000 duplicates to arrive at number one and is additionally besting the UK music chart as at now.

The collection has gotten a decent reaction from the general public and from US pundits than from the UK. In that equivalent way, the New York Times has likewise complimented Bieber’s ability on his collection as his calming and refined vocals has grabbed their ears.

Compilers of the record, Billboard affirmed that Bieber had beaten Elvis’ chart record. The 25 year old released his first number one collection when he was just 16, while Elvis was 21 when he released his.

Elvis Presley died at the age of 42 in 1977, and was believed to have had an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and bad eyesight before his demise.

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