Embrace Innovation With The All New ‘Barbie’ SUV From Maserati

Carmaker Maserati has designed a number of exquisite automobiles for prestigious clients all over the world. The “Barbie” is one of these most recent models.

Barbie is a global multigenerational pop icon made to inspire and nurture the limitless potential in every girl and future generations.

The vehicle is capable of influencing fashion and culture and is creatively self-expressive. This jaw-dropping automobile was initially developed in an unconventional partnership with this Fuoriserie.

The Grecale SUV from Barbie is made to be the best because it is a bold and timeless vehicle. It perfectly complements Barbie’s adaptable lifestyle: ie. anything from a formal event to a business meeting.

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The incredible 530 horsepower V6-Nettuno engine that drives Barbie is, without a doubt, an adrenaline rush. In addition, it is an extremely limited edition of Maserati designs.

The Maserati Fuoriserie customization program goes out of its way to open up new possibilities. There will only be two of this Barbie Maserati Grecale available for purchase: one that was sold at the Fantasy Gift event held by Neiman Marcus in Los Angeles1.

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