England Now Boasts Of Low Covid Infection Rate During Second Lockdown

As per tests on 105,000 volunteers, Coronavirus infections in England have fallen by nearly a third since the country entered its second lockdown.

The tests show that, there has been a 30% drop in cases across the country over almost a fortnight this month. 96 people infected per 10,000 between November 13th – 24th , is down from 132 per 10,000 between 26 October and 2 November.

Findings have clearly proven that, since the country’s lockdown that began on November 5, has been successful in the reduction of the transmission of the virus.

The proportion of people infected in the English areas worst affected in the pandemic’s second wave – the north-west, north-east, and Yorkshire and the Humber – have fallen dramatically.

The study found the percentage of the population infected has more than halved in both the north-west – down from 2.53% to 1.08% – and in the north-east, down from 1.88% to 0.72%. In Yorkshire and the Humber, it fell from 1.8% to 1.17%.

The country is seeing a fall in infections at the national level and in particular across regions that were previously worst affected.

Infections remain high in the Midlands, however. The West Midlands has the highest proportion of infections of any region in England, at 1.55% – down just 0.01 percentage points since the previous React study.

The fall in the east Midlands was also small, from 1.31% to just 1.27%. That means 155 people and 127 people respectively per 10,000 of population are infected in those regions.

Generally, the people have been receptive. Thanks to their huge efforts over the last few weeks, we have been able to get the virus more under control.

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