Epixode’s New Highlife Tune ‘Obra’ Has Been Released


Epixode’s last song, “Atia,” was one of his best in a long time, but his new highlife song, “Obra,” seems to be higher; and it’s indeed excellent. The new song, “Obra,” by the award-winning musician demonstrates his versatility and all-around talent.

With such a beautiful collaboration with the Santrofi band, the reggae dancehall musician chose such a highlife song and presented it as a simple composition.

O-S-I-B-I-S-A – Is The Greatest Musical Band Ever To Have Existed

After Osibisa, the Santrofi band is without a doubt the best to have come out of Ghana. Epixode said in an interview that he has always been a fan of the Santrofi band, so when the chance to work together on this beautiful project arose, it just happened.

Obra‘, which has a good verse, fabulous instrumentals, and an ideal lyrics, talks about life, challenges and the way forward. The sythesis and live performance alongside Epixode’s wonderful voice completes the magnificence of the tune.

One of Ghana’s best Reggae Dancehall musicians, Epixode has released numerous hit songs, and is currently a nominee of the 2023 Ghana Music Awards in the category of ‘Best Highlife Song’.

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