Europe Will Be Charging Entry Fees From 2024. Details Here

The European Commission will begin charging for a new visa waiver plot one year from now. The long-awaited ETIAS visa waiver program was supposed to start in November of this year. To enter the bloc, all non-EU passport holders will need to get permission before they go. However, it has been moved to 2024.

It will be a quick online authorization for non-EU nationals from the 60 or so nations that do not require a visa to enter the EU at the moment, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and it will operate similarly to the ESTA program in the United States.

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It will cover all Europeans for three years at a cost of seven euros, or $7.43 at the exchange rate of Friday afternoon. However, when compared to the ESTA, which costs $21 for two years, that is admittedly somewhat pricey.

After the pandemic, several destinations in particular are eager to boost their tourism economies as travel returns to full capacity. Some have already made plans to give away half a million airline tickets, and Taiwan, a country in East Asia, plans to pay people to go on vacation there.

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