European Union Pushes ETIAS To Next Year. Get The Latest Info. Here

The launch of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) has been postponed once more by the European Union, this time to 2024 without specifying a specific date or month.

The EU simply changed the date on the Migration and Home Affairs website of the EU Commission to 2024, delaying the ETIAS rollout date without any prior notice. According to reports, the official date was November 2023.

Under a frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the date of the ETIAS’s implementation, the website states, “It is expected that the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) will be operational in 2024.”

The launch of ETIAS has been pushed back without informing the public or the media beforehand.

U.N Rushes To Support People Displaced In Syria is now listed as the official ETIAS website, and is listed as the official Entry/Exit System (EES) website on the Migration and Home Affairs website of the EU Commission.

The latter was also scheduled to take effect in May 2023, but it has been pushed back until the end of the year. Additionally, the precise launch date for the EES is still unknown.

The European Union (EU) established the ETIAS and EES in an effort to improve the bloc’s security and track who intends to enter, enter, and leave the EU and Schengen Area. They will both revolutionize how people get to and from the bloc.

The ETIAS is anticipated to affect 1.4 billion people from over 60 nations who currently travel to the 27 Schengen Area countries without requiring a short-stay visa. These individuals include Americans, Britons, Albanians, Kiwis, Canadians, and others.

The ETIAS program was initially scheduled to start in 2022, but it was later moved to the end of that year. The date on which this requirement becomes obligatory for travelers was later moved to May 1, 2023, and the ETIAS was moved to November 2023 without any notice or explanation.

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