Eva Alordiah Took A Break To Acquire More Skills. She’s Now Back With An Album

Singer and make-up artists, Elohor Eva Alordiah, has at long last revealed why she quit doing music for some time.

In a post on her official X on Saturday November 4, Eva expressed that she went into depression at the time.

Explaining her experience, she wrote:

“A few years ago, I walked away from a seemingly successful music career. Depression had taken almost permanent seat beside me.

“My account balance was just enough to buy my next meal. If there was a picture of the phrase “Starving Artist”, it would have been my damn face. One day, I said, I got myself here; I’m going to get myself out.

“Taking responsibility for my decisions helped me get my life back. My life is so much better today because I was bold enough to say, Na me mess up!”

The rapper further added that it took her three years to self-develop herself after that trial she went through.

According to Eva, she also took a break from the Art to acquire new skills to make her a better artist and to find her true-self.

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She is now back with a new Album titled- ”Evarything Good”.

The 34 year-old Nigerian rapper, is regarded as one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. Her commitments to the Nigerian music industry have acquired her several awards, including one Nigeria Entertainment Award, one Eloy Award, and one YEM award.

Her debut EP, titled ‘Gigo’ (Garbage in Garbage Out), was released for free digital download on 20 November 2011. Eva is the founder and owner of makeupByOrsela, a company that specializes in makeup services.

In November 2014, Eva released her eponymous second extended play Eva. Her debut studio album 1960 was released in September 2016.

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