“Every Time” By Janet Jackson: Watch The New Video Of The 25 Year Old Music

Multiple Award-winning American singer Janet Jackson has finally released a brand-new video for her 1998 hit “Every Time.” The hit song never had a video, but after 25 years, a video has finally been made for it.

One of the songs on her sixth studio album, The Velvet Rope, which came out in 1998, is titled “Every Time.” It was made available as the sixth and final track on the album.

Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson themselves produced “Every Time.” Written by four people, including: Jackson, Janet; Third James Harris; Lewis, Terry; The song has been described as a ballad by René Elizondo, Jr. that lyrically explores the protagonist’s fear of love.

“‘Every Time’ ranks with Jackson’s most memorable ballads, such as “Let’s Wait A While” and “Again,” calling on the things that make Janet so effective with this type of delicate material,” said the review in Billboard magazine.

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While steadfast writer/producer team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis wrap her vocal around a beautiful and sensuous chorus, her voice quivers with emotion as she practically whispers about the promise and fear of an imminent romance.

With the more laid-back pace of fall, the song “Every Time” sounds so perfect. At top 40, AC, and R&B, it’s easy to pick her because it was absolutely destined to be one of her greats.

The chords in the chorus to “Every Time” modulate into melancholy as Jackson observes that every time she falls in love, It seems to never last. Considine for Entertainment Weekly deemed it to be one of the album’s most moving moments.

The song “tender, angelic” is “far superior than the overrated, soppy saccharine ‘Again’, as it has an even better piano hook and more intimate vocal performance,” as stated by Andrew Le of the Renowned for Sound website.

The video is below:

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