Face To Face With The Biggest Tree In West Africa

Without a doubt, Hyperion is the tallest living tree on the planet but what about the landmass of Africa and presumably West Africa? Have you for once thought of that? All things considered, Ghana, one of the finest countries on the landmass is home to the biggest tree in West Africa.

The tree which is basically alluded to as ‘The Big Tree’, is found in Akyem Aprokumase, an unassuming community close Akim Oda in the Birim South District of the Eastern locale. It is around 22 kilometers from Akim Oda on the Oda-Agona Swedru trunk street.

The tree is believed to be the biggest in West Africa with a width of 3.22 meters at 1.37 meters, 2.72 meters at 3.1 meters, making 12 meters in periphery and 66.5-90 meters tall.

As the biggest tree in Ghana as well as West Africa, the country also has the tallest cascade in West Africa and the most noteworthy mountain in the Sub-district, called Mount Afadjato.

The Big Tree is renowned to the point that, it has huge amounts of people racing to perceive what it looks like all the time. Standing underneath it, you feel like a ‘David’ before a ‘Goliath’. The tree is thick, tall, with loads of branches in addition to an immense stem that underpins the whole tree.

As per herbal medicine practitioners, the tree has some restorative qualities, accordingly can be utilized for some recuperating drugs. The tree’s shade alone covers an extremely enormous field. It has been in presence for a long time and driven huge amounts of guests from everywhere throughout the world to the site.

Meanwhile, the government of Ghana has it a face-lift to attract more visitors and investors. Obviously, individuals are as of now visiting the spot, and the tourist Board of Ghana is also doing all it can to promote the site to the world.

With everything taken into account, the big tree is without a doubt the greatest in West Africa, and until any tree of such sort comes up, it despite everything remains as the greatest in the region.

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