Facebook And Instagram Introduce A New Beautiful Feature

Users of Facebook and Instagram would now be able to have something to smile about, as they presently have the option to hide public “LIKES” on their posts. This is conceivably overturning a core dynamic of the social media platforms where Like considers are seen as an indication of a person’s influence.

The social media giant has since 2019 been testing the capacity for users to shroud like counts, a component inseparable from Facebook, as an approach to make Facebook and Instagram less unpleasant to use.

The new feature started off on Wednesday May 26, where users can now choose whether people can see the number of likes on his or her own post and also whether to see how many people liked other users’ posts.

Meanwhile, hiding LIKES on Facebook and Instagram will be discretionary as opposed to as a matter of course, making it muddled the number of users will really make this stride.


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If users opt out of sharing public like counts on their posts, viewers will actually want to see a list of who loved the post, but not the number of LIKES it got. The person who posted the photograph can in any case see the number of Likes, regardless of whether it isn’t displayed publicly.

The company said the feature will allow users to zero in on the photographs and videos being shared, rather than the number of LIKES posts get.


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Facebook and Instagram users can also decide not to see the number of people who Liked others’ posts as they’re looking through their channel — a component that can be turned on by visiting the “new posts” segment in settings.

As indicated by Facebook, it is funding “external research about people’s experiences on Instagram, and how they can improve their policies and products to support communities, adding that it is accepting proposals from academics and non-profits for such studies.

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