Fanatics Of Barcelona Can Heave A Sigh Of Relief As Lionel Messi Finally Stays-At-Home

It was a tough decision for Lionel Messi to stay at Barcelona

Since Lionel Messi took that ‘critical’ decision to leave his darling club Barcelona this summer, it has been back and forth argument with the club. The player had to leave, while the team additionally wanted him to stay. After the hubbub, he has at long last gone into an agreement with Barcelona to stay.

The decision, comes following quite a while of extreme hypothesis started by Messi’s endeavor to singularly revoke his agreement on August 25, 2020.

Messi and his legal team contended on Friday 4th September, that he had exercised a proviso that empowered him to leave without monetary punishment toward the end of each season.

In a statement, the Barcelona prolific forward said: he could never take the club he has played in his entire life to court, and that is the reason he is staying.

As per Leo Messi, it was an extreme choice to take, since he had consistently said he wanted to end his career in Barcelona and he has done that.

Barcelona has also said that, the leave condition lapsed in June 2021 and that Messi’s contract, which runs until 2021, is as yet legitimate. As per Officials of La Liga, if Messi wanted to leave, he or his next club would have to pay €700 million release condition or face lawful action.

That statement put out by the team was scrutinized by Messi’s dad, Jorge, in a letter sent to La Liga, demanding that the €700 million fee was not, at this point relevant.

Messi’s dad, Jorge had to wade into the brouhaha

Messi’s dad who is additionally his son’s agent showed up in Barcelona on Wednesday 2nd September, 2020 for an extensive talk with the team’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu. At the end of the meeting, there was a positive news for all Barca fans, as the team didn’t rule out Messi staying for another season.

Messi wanted to leave, since he was disappointed at the absence of innovation by the club, particularly after the ‘demolition’ by the winners of the Champions League finals, Bayern Munich.

As indicated by Leo Messi, the frustrations he communicated had grown for a long time and was not only because of the team’s Champions League exit. The dissatisfactions didn’t just originate from the Bayern result, but from numerous things.

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