Fans Not Happy With Nicki Minaj’s Collaboration With 6ix9ine

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj recently reported a music collaboration with rapper 6ix9ine named ‘Trollz’, and fans are upset about this. Despite the fact that the tune is a good one, the fans think 6ix9ine does not merit the joint effort.

Strangely, the duo did a similar collaboration in 2018 which was titled ‘Fefe’, thus this’ not a new thing for the two particularly Minaj.

Subsequent to declaring the release date of the new collaboration on Instagram, some fans took to the comment section requesting that to drop that thought and cancel the collaboration with 6ix9ine.


However, they blustered and began attacking 6ix9ine for reasons yet to be known.

Check out some of the comments:

“Queen please stop working with this pdf file.”

Another fan wrote, “nicki sweetie…. its not too late to accidentally trip and delete the collab. we can pretend it never happened.”

Another user stated, “i never heard Fefe in full and im not boutta listen to this either.”

“Post a pic without him queen,”

Meanwhile, as indicated by Minaj, a bit of the proceeds from the ‘Trollz’ collaboration will be going legitimately to The Bail Project Inc. This is to help give free bail to low-income people who can’t stand to pay bail while anticipating their trial.

She further expressed:

“We want to protect and support the thousands of brave people working on the front lines of social justice, using their voices to demand AN END to the targeting and killing of Black Americans by the police.”

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