Fantana Returns With ‘No Dulling’


Getting back from Abroad to Ghana, she landed in the hands of one of the best artist managers in Ghana, Bullet. Fanatana at that point, released her clench hand single ‘So What’ in 2019 under the label – Rufftown Records.

Obviously, that was her first experience in the Ghanaian music industry as an artist.

Starting there onwards, Fantana has not looked back, but has released other fine tunes, despite the fact that she was encircled by a couple of controversies before and after leaving her old label, Rufftown Records.

‘Ahmidhat’ as she popularly known, was living in the U.S but when she arrived in Ghana, within a short time, she became well known in the Ghanaian music industry with her hit tunes which includes – Girls Hate on Girls, Rich Gyal Anthem, Rich Gyal Anthem, New African Lady, BackStabber which featured Larruso (a fast rising dancehall artist) and many more.

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For months, she was very ‘quiet’, giving room for her fans to ask of her whereabouts. It’s a new year and Fantana believes this is an ideal opportunity to satisfy her fans again with another banger ‘No Dulling’ The tune which accompanies a delightful video, is currently making ‘clamor’ fanning out quickly in a shrubbery.

The 23 year old has other tunes in the pipeline, that are yet to be released- and imcludes top musicians like dancehall artist Shatta Wale.With massive support from her mum who is a politician, Fantana is ready to be one of the best female performers in Ghana and across the globe.

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