Fashion Icon Pierre Cardin Dies At Age 98

Pierre Cardin was the first person to have deigned clothes for men

Italian-born French designer Pierre Cardin has passed on in a medical clinic in Neuilly in the west of Paris. He passed on Tuesday at age 98, as indicated by his family. The French designer was a style icon with world of bespoke high style for private customers to ready to-wear designs for the general population.

He was in the style world for over seventy years, and carried mathematical shapes to high fashion and enlisted his name on everything from garments to fragrance to pens and even furnishings.

Pierre Cardin was born to a rich man who was a wine trader close to Venice on July 2, 1922. He and his family moved from Fascist Italy to France when he was only 2.

Cardin was just 14 years when he began as a tailor’s understudy. At 23, he moved to Paris, learning architecture and working with the Paquin style house and later with Elsa Schiaparelli. In the French capital, he met the movie director Jean Cocteau and aided in the designing of veils and outfits for the 1946 film “La Belle et La Bete.”

He moved to Christian Dior in 1946, filling in as an example shaper on the female “New Look” style of post-World War II. After four years, he opened his own style house, designing outfits for theater.

In 1953, Pierre Cardin introduced his first womens’ collection and after a year, he established his first women boutique, Eve, and launched the air pocket dress. The piece of clothing, a baggy dress that accumulates at the abdomen and trim and inflatables at the thighs, won worldwide praise. Cardin’s styles were mainstream and were being worn by several major names like Eva Peron, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, Mia Farrow and Jacqueline Kennedy.

In 1957, he ventured out to Japan, getting one of the first European originators to explore Asian impacts. He later was a pioneer in getting China to break out of its boring, battle ready Mao Zedong look.

That very year, he opened another Paris boutique, exclusively for men called ‘Adam’, and included brilliant ties and printed shirts. He later made the famous collarless suits for The Beatles and aided dress such customers as Gregory Peck. Rex Harrison and Mick Jagger.

Pierre Cardin was the first designer to have made garments for men, which is around 50 years back. In 1959, he thought of a ready to-wear show at a retail establishment, Printemps in Paris. During the show, he was ousted from the world class Chambre Syndicale, the French relationship of high fashion creators.

By the 1970s, he became a pioneer in branding, putting his name on for all intents and purposes everything, including vehicles — American Motors Corp’s. Cardin AMX Javelin in 1971, fragrances, pens, cigarettes, and sardines. He was named a “branding visionary” by The New York Times in 2002 with around 800 items bearing his name. They were being sold in excess of 140 countries around the world, getting $1 billion every year.

In 1981, he received one of Paris’ most popular names, Maxim’s eatery, apparently for more than $20 million.

Cardin, who was gay, had a five-year illicit relationship with Moreau. During the affair, he maintained a relationship with his longtime artistic director and life partner, Andre Oliver, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Oliver died in 1993.

Prior to his demise, Pierre Cardin made a ‘remarkable statement’ in relation to a portion of his wears. He said:

“In 2069, we will all walk on the moon or Mars wearing my ‘Cosmocorps’ ensembles. Women will wear Plexiglas cloche hats and tube clothing. Men will wear elliptical pants and kinetic tunics.”

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