Fausta, World’s Oldest Rhinoceros Passes On

For admirers of creatures, this is somewhat a heartbreaking news as a rhino who is said to be the most seasoned in the world is dead. Fausta, who is 57 years of age died at the Ngorongoro animal asylum in Tanzania a month back. As per the animal sanctuary shelter specialists, Fausta passed on from normal causes and that it was a quiet demise.

Fausta, who is the eastern black rhino was discovered in 1965 at the Ngorongoro pit by a researcher from the University of Dar Es Salaam, at the period of somewhere in the range of three and four years. Fausta was having her normal life in the wilderness before being ‘captured’ to sanctuary in 2016.

As per Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation, records show that Fausta lived longer than any rhino on the planet and survived in the Ngorongoro for over 54 years. Fausta’s health started to crumble in 2016, when she was persuasively placed in bondage, after a few attacks from hyenas and serious injuries.

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